For physicians and therapists in a rehabilitation related domain it is virtually impossible to keep up to date with recent advances by reading all relevant research papers in the hundreds of journals available. The smartphone application MediGrip is aimed to help physicians, therapists and researchers to keep up to date with the most relevant and interesting results in research. MediGrip covers fields such as rehabilitation medicine, physical medicine and physiotherapy, sports medicine, exercise physiology, rheumatology and orthopedic surgery. MediGrip essentially is a tear off calendar, that is available on your smartphone. This tear off calendar provides a headline, a commentary and links of recent research papers on a daily basis.

Official CME application of ISPRM

MediGrip is an initiative of the Erasmus Rehabilitation Expert Network in close cooperation with international organizations such as ISPRM. Seven editors of Erasmus MC in close cooperation with seven international experts are responsible for the content of the seven domains that are covered in the seven days of the week. Every single day one article, with interesting content, will be published on the MediGrip platform.


Publications of your article as a topic in MediGrip will increase the exposure of your work to clinicians and researchers. More importantly it will contribute to the chance that your work will be cited by other authors. MediGrip offers the service of priority papers. Authors that wish to have their articles in MediGrip are invited to contact us for the terms and conditions.

Journal Editors

MediGrip will increase the number of clinicians and researchers that read the articles in your journal. As editor you may request priority for certain articles that you consider important and deserve attention from an international readership. Furthermore MediGrip offers the option of regular announcements of new issues of your Journal with a link to the content pages. For terms and conditions of priority papers and new issues announcements you are invited to contact.


The MediGrip platform provides organizers of international meetings an opportunity to reach a large number of potential participants. Announcements of meetings, calls for papers and other information can be published on the phone app and on the homepage of the website and Please contact us for terms and conditions for this service.


MediGrip offers seven sponsors to be linked to one of the seven domains that are covered by MediGrip every week. The logo of your company will be shown on the smartphone app and on the website. A direct link from your logo to relevant information about your company and product will be installed. By being one of the seven main sponsors you will reach an international readership of professionals on a weekly basis.

Current sponsors